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Andreas Schamber

Service Engineer

My name is Andreas Schamber and I’m a service engineer for the confocal scanner. My principal duty is to make sure all of Yokogawa’s confocal microscopy based systems work as they should do at all times in the field. I deal mainly with CellVoyager 7000S, the high content analysis (HCA) system. Prior to joining Yokogawa I was employed in technical sales and also as a service engineer in the European region. It all began when I enrolled for a degree course in photonics and laser technology. When I get home in the evening, I spend most of my time with my wife and my two daughters. I also enjoy reading, discovering new “gems” in the musical universe and watching cinematic masterpieces. As I see it, a blog is a great way to deepen your knowledge about relevant issues that is more personalized and generally more appealing than traditional forms. It’s also very easy to make contact with the author or with another expert using the comment function. And of course it regularly gives rise to extremely interesting discussions that can provide important new food for thought to many readers.

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