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Arvonn Tully

I delight in providing advanced imaging solutions for researchers. I understand researcher needs and want to bring my experience to product development, to ensure imaging analysis needs are met. Working with both sales and development teams, my expert knowledge can optimize imaging, and image analysis to quickly tailor the best solutions to customer requirements. I specialize in image analysis, multidimensional image acquisition, confocal and light microscopy systems troubleshooting, and experimental design to facilitate image analysis. For Yokogawa, I am charged with developing knowledge of our high content imaging products and scientific applications. I provide support to the high-content sales representatives, including scientific presentations and demonstrations of our high content analysis software. Additionally, I provide training, application support, and knowledge for sales representatives and customers. I enjoy solving customer’s analysis issues and provide this information back to the entire team. Finally, I work closely with product managers, marketing, application, and sales teams to develop and maintain pre-sales and post-sales presentation and training material, and provide feedback to the product teams for future product development.

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