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Lilian Ribeiro Torres

Sales Engineer

I am a Chemical Engineer, Industrial Automation Technologist, and Master Business Administrator in Strategic Business Management. I have worked on Control Systems area for 13 years and now I've been working as an Advanced Solution Engineer. Advanced solutions are focused on optimizing customer processes, bringing solutions that increase efficiency, better management of operations and maintenance of their equipment, reducing costs, and promoting greater safety. This solution area is directly connected with Life Science and all the discoveries and innovations that are moving towards the future. In an increasingly digitalized world, where technology advances rapidly, the solutions area also has a very strong relationship with solutions for Industry 4.0, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. In special, I enjoy using my experience to help people, such as students and women of the industrial and engineering world, in order to collaborate for their empowerment and the technology future. I love working with Digital Transformation technologies and with everything it covers. I look forward to helping and contribute to the success of the Life Innovation Business.

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