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Dr. Michael Schell

Team Leader Cell Technologies at Cenibra

Hi, I am Michael Schell and I am spreading the word of the great microscopy solutions offered by Yokogawa. My role encompasses several facets like selling the CQ1, establishing customer relationships, and offering customer support for image analysis workflows and on every level of the customer relationship. My strong curiosity and enthusiasm for biology, as well as my willingness to closely look at things (also by means of confocal microscopy), have been critical points when I chose to study biology and to obtain a Ph.D. in genetics before working with Yokogawa and Cenibra. Today, I believe that these skills guarantee successful working in this highly innovative environment of research and industry, where many new developments are happening right now and new trends like Deep-Learning and AI-driven confocal microscopy or single-cell manipulation getting more and more important. With this blog, we would like to emphasize topics of high relevance for our customers and for society.

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